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Express your passion For Coffee
& Become a LARJIMA Ambassador

Coffee Beans

LARJIMA is happiness in a cup. LARJIMA goes the extra mile by offering coffee lovers specialty coffee. We have mastered the coffee roasting process and serve an outstanding variety of coffee
(Turkish coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha).

Start your Day fresh with a smile.

Join our growing community of brand ambassadors
and get exclusive rewards and opportunities.

LARJMA Coffee Ambassador Perks


Apply by filling out our application form and we will review your profile within 1 week.


Showcase your creative skills through engaging content, featuring our products and special offers.


Receive monthly ‘’ambassador only’’ newsletters with our latest updates.


Exclusive tiered product sponsorships that you can scale together with your follower count!


Commissions from each sale you make with The LARJIMA Company as well as special discount codes for your followers.

Become a close friend and exclusive supporter of our brand, with early access to special deals, new launches, and exciting content.

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